Work No. 1392
Born in Wakefield (UK) in 1968. Graduated from Slade School of Fine Art (London) in 1990. Creed creates works in which the extension of everyday life collapses absurdly in fleeting moments. The content of his works, including installations, paintings, performances, musical, and theatre works, lacks overall consistency. However, for all his works, the titles are numbered according to the order of when they were created. The presentation of Creed's extremely straightforward works can be said to be inherited from the genealogy of Minimal Art and Conceptual Art. However, in the way of how he emphasizes the materials he handles and the specificity of the context in his works, there is a sense of humor and playful sensibility, which is different from the calmness of Minimal Art and Conceptual Art. The repetition of seemingly meaningless actions, the deprivation of the original meaning of a specific thing, and the paraphrasing of things after replacing some part of an event. Creed’s works, with a completely harmless touch, shake up our common understanding that supports the peacefulness of everyday life. In 2001, he was awarded the Turner Prize, the most prestigious contemporary art award in the UK. He has had solo exhibitions including Tate Britain (2018), Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, 2013) and other museums worldwide, as well as participation in international exhibitions. In Japan, he held his first large-scale solo exhibition in Asia in the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009 and a solo exhibition at the Kyoto Experiment (Kyoto City University of Arts Satellite Gallery @KCUA) in 2016. Creed’s works are also in the collections of MoMA (New York), British Council and Tate Modern (London).