"UESHIMA MUSEUM COLLECTION" is a contemporary art collection curated in Feb 2022 by Kankuro Ueshima, a versatile entrepreneur and investor in Japan. He began his full-scale collection activities ever since.

Ueshima has always been agile and responsive in the concept of "contemporaneity”. He quickly embodies the future and proactively contributes for building a better society. This can be said that Ueshima has an aspect of a forward-thinking businessperson, but he envisions the same path as a contemporary art collector as well. Ueshima was fully inspired by the progressive creation of contemporary art while he promoted creative projects in a wide range of fields, including human resources, IT, medicine, construction, fashion, beauty, movie, and investment industry since he first started the art direction and space design from contemporary artists for his business.

Therefore, "UESHIMA MUSEUM COLLECTION" mainly focuses on artists with a strong sense of "contemporaneity", or young artists who are engaged in progressive creative activities. The collection will be exhibited in several spaces at Kitasando, Tokyo and will be open to the public on a regular basis. The collection will also be introduced online and on social media at the same time, with one of its goals being to create a platform to share free thinking about art with more people on a global scale. As the collection of Ueshima, an entrepreneur, the exhibition challenges the relationship between art and the real world on a practical level. The artworks are neither exhibited at a museum nor at an art gallery, but spaces that are seamlessly integrated with the business scene.

Whether it is interdisciplinary, economic, or social, artistic expression still has many possibilities beyond everyone's imagination. Knowing art is, in essence, to think about the past, present, and future. Ueshima believes that the significance and mission of art collection is not only to own and preserve valuable artworks, but also to pass on the concept of "unbound and free imagination" and "originality that no one has seen before" to the next generation, all through art. There will be a wide range of activities, including lending the collection to educational institutions and external exhibitions and creating the opportunity to support young artists. Ueshima aims to curate a collection that stays true to its "contemporaneity", that does not keep artworks in storage, but keeps them alive and moving as they interact with society.

UESHIMA MUSEUM COLLECTION is a Silver Partner of the MOMAT Corporate Partnership.

植島 幹九郎 Kankuro Ueshima

Kankuro Ueshima

Founder of "UESHIMA MUSEUM COLLECTION", born in Chiba prefecture, Japan in 1979.Graduated from Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Makuhari Senior High School in 1998, then enrolled in the Natural Sciences I at the University of Tokyo. While attending the Faculty of Engineering, he started his own business and has since developed a diversified business as an entrepreneur and investor.