Born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1985. Graduatedfrom Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School’s Master of Fine Arts in 2010. He creates works that generate thoughts about light. Whether paintings or sculptures (as well as everything, not just limited to artworks), they reveal their real shapes in light. Light conditions have a great influence on the appearance during production or viewing. Aoki intentionally shapes the flat surface of the painting unevenly, which are therefore called “flat”. The intense roughness creates a contrast of reflections and shadows on the surface of the painting, like a diorama. When there is bright light, the colors look more vivid, while the colors in the shadow are darker and more subdued. Aoki’s work makes us realize that the “color” we usually see is under the total influence of light.In 2012, he held a solo exhibition “Outer Room, Inner Garden” in his hometown, Kumamoto, at the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, where it also has collections of his works. His works are exhibited at several exhibitions including “The Way of Painting” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2014), the “VOCA Exhibition” (Ueno Royal Museum, 2016), “Collection Exhibition (Things Visible (Invisible) by Changing Shape)” (Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, 2016). He is currently a specially appointed professor at Tokyo Zokei University.