Sleeping Mountains, Bird and a Daydream
Keisuke Yamamoto was born in 1979 in Tokyo. He graduated from the department of sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University, and thereafter completed his MFA in sculpture at the Graduate School of Fine Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. He currently lives and works in Kanagawa. Yamamoto has continued to develop his unique world of expression through traversing and drawing connections between sculpture and painting. Often featuring flowers, mushrooms, and fantastical motifs such as fairies depicted in vivid colors, the wooden sculptures have a strong and lasting impression on viewers through their complex forms and overwhelming volume. As a culmination of his oeuvre, in 2009 he presented an enormous sculpture measuring over five meters in height. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, since 2012 he has turned to new forms of artistic expression that include adding parts to old, abandoned tools and objects. In his solo exhibition in 2022, he took an interest in “the things that remain hidden with the earth,” creating works that manifested as metaphors for “microorganisms in the soil” and “a gallimaufry of common culture and creativity.”His major exhibitions include, “VOCA 2008,” “Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art” (2009, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, traveled to several international museums), “Twist and Shout: Contemporary Art from Japan” (2009, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), and “Nostalgia and Fantasy: Imagination and Its Origins in Contemporary Art” (2014, National Museum of Art, Osaka), and “Bubblewrap” curated by Takashi Murakami (2018, Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, Japan). His unchanging roots and ever-evolving means of expression constitute the distinct and unparalleled appeal of his works.