Born in Saint-Mandé, France in 1949. After attending the Aix-en-Provence School of Art, Frize pursued his studies at the Montpellier Art School. He became widely known to the world for his painting work that was created by several people according to a prearranged plan. Many of his works emphasize the process of how the painting is expressed rather than the content. While the composition of the resulting work might seem simple, the details show the meticulous planning and the pursuing of thorough technique for choosing the “optimum” decision with only a few steps involved. One of Frize’s recent works is a series of compositional paintings depicting stripes of bright colors. The surface of these works is finished carefully with resin and offers a smooth light reflection. The delicate, iridescent streaks of rainbow-like colors are so deeply fascinating that it is easy for the viewers to forget that these paintings were drawn by human hand. Frize’s works remind us that the given limitations of painting (canvas is somehow rectangular, bounded by vertical and horizontal dimensions, and must be hung on the wall) has endless possibilities. Frize’s artworks are collected by major museums of over 45 countries in the world, and The National Museum of Art, Osaka in Japan has three works in its collection.