Bernini DOB: Carmine Pink and Black
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. Murakami was the first person to have received a Ph.D in Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, one the highest academic institutions in Japan. He is a proponent of the theory of artistic movement “Superflat”, the most important contemporary art trend in Post-War Japan. He founded Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd., an art production studio which dedicates Murakami’s works, and has exhibited them around the world. Murakami is also a successful organizer of galleries and art fair GEISAI, and an enthusiastic art collector. He is not only an artist, but also undeniably one of the most successful and powerful people in the contemporary art industry in the world. In recent years, Murakami’s works can certainly be seen in major contemporary art museums and significant private collections both in Japan and abroad.