Bronze Stainless Steel Venus Italica Bust
Born in Cleveland, Ohio (US) in 1980. Arsham graduated from the Cooper Union in 2003. He marked his debut series “Fictional Archaeology “, which he created sculptures and installations based on an idea of taking objects of our present day, petrified, weathered, and crystallized as if they had been around for thousands of years. Imagine oneself being an archaeologist in the future and looking at these objects. These “future relics”, through long geological time frame, lose their original color. As Arsham is colorblind, majority of his works are in white or in shades of grey. In addition to his fine art practice, Arsham has collaborated with many well-known brands, including DIOR and Adidas. His works also belong in the collections of contemporary art museums such as Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, US), and were exhibited in international art fairs and art museums.