アニエス (Agnes)
Kondo was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1987. She completed her master’s degree of Experimental Art at Tohoku University of Art and Design in 2012. With powerful brushstrokes and vivid colors, Kondo dynamically depicts forms such as human beings and plants. As the artist stated, “drawing is living,” she continues to depict the essence of life, to be alive, and to be kept alive. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, marriage, the loss of her husband, childbirth, and other incidents that greatly shook her view on life and death, she pulled herself together and demonstrated “the way life is” in her works. They are so vivid and intense that they strike the hearts of the viewers. Kondo’s major solo exhibitions include “Kondo Aki - Stars, Sparkling” (Yamagata Museum of Art in 2021), ”HIKARI” (Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London in 2016), and group exhibitions at “Aichi Triennale 2022” (Ichinomiya City, Aichi, Japan), “The Vision of Contemporary Art 2022” (The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo), “Takamatsu Art Museum Collection + Body and Movement” (Takamatsu Art Museum in 2020), “Paintings Here And Now” (Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo in 2018) and so on. Her works are acquired by Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art and Takamatsu Art Museum, etc.