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Suzuki was born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 2001 and is currently enrolled in Tohoku University of Art & Design. His talent was recognized from early on, holding solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad when he was still attending Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka Daigaku High School. As the artist repeatedly refers to his works as “mixture”, they are depicted in a complete harmony of various techniques and expressions. Suzuki consciously applies a wide range of hues with heavy use of the three primary colors and depicts organic textured shapes with extensive use of curvy lines. He has a wide range of styles, ranging from portraits to abstract paintings. He has collaborated with J. League team Vegalta Sendai and presented a solo exhibition “VEGALTA SENDAI 25th x ISSEI SUZUKI EXHIBITION” (Sendai Yurtec Stadium, Japan,2019), as well as “ISSEI SUZUKI SOLO EXHIBITION supported by adidas” (Ginza Tsutaya Books, Japan, 2022), a solo exhibition in collaboration with adidas Originals, etc.