“Breast Region No. 74” ≪胸壁にて≫NO.74
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1933. As a self-taught artist, Kano started producing copperplate prints after being immersed in the world of fine art through a book of printmaking techniques he found accidentally. He once worked as an assistant to a biologist, therefore his early copperplate works are characterized by detailed depictions of plants and microorganisms. Kano has created numerous series of works so far, all showing his pursuit of a unique perspective on the materials and techniques of printmaking. He continues to receive high recognition for his new printmaking techniques that did not exist before, such as color intaglio and metal print. He was discovered at an early stage by poet Shuzo Takiguchi and has been strongly influenced by him. The poetic empathy and visual sympathy are both expressed wonderfully in the decalcomania series seen in their co-authored book of poems and paintings titled “Lightning Catcher”. After Takiguchi’s death, Kano shifted to oil painting in the 1980’s and is still producing a wide range of works parallel with his print works till this day. His works have been displayed widely at many museums and international exhibitions in Japan and abroad, such as the São Paolo Biennale (from the 5th in 1959, followed by the 6th, 7th, 9th), solo exhibitions at Fukuoka Art Museum (1980), Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (1997, 2000), and the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura (2013). Many of his works are in the collections of MoMA (New York, US), Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), The National Museum of Art, Osaka (Japan), National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Japan), Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (Japan)…etc.