combination-river flow 16
Matsumura was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan in 1993. She graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Master of Fine Arts in Painting in 2017. Although the artist creates by mixing different kinds of techniques on one single surface instead of blending them all in, she emphasizes and reveals their differences, creating a sense of incongruity. The artist states that taking paintings as an example, they let the viewers reaffirm the property of “discrepancy with realism” on two-dimensional works - as such, inevitably impossible to express them in three-dimension. Various techniques and methods have been developed to offset the definitive difference between two and three-dimensions. Whether it is the realism of paintings, or the abstract nature of paintings that attempts to deny or overcome them, both because of their developments form today’s paintings. The artist’s work is a return to that origin. In Matsumura’s works, she creates a visual boundary by applying different kinds of techniques overlapping each other. There are no ambiguities. In fact, they are intentionally clearly defined boundaries. In other words, the artist deliberately reveals that misalignment of boundaries to viewers. Matsumura recognizes such discrepancies and proposes a new question: if perceptions of boundaries in paintings are mistaken, are perceptions in real life also easily mistaken in the same sense? Her work was selected for Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2017, “JALX ART+WINE PROGRAM” Beaujolais Villages Nouveau Label Artist (2019), etc.