Bomb Love
Date of birth and real name are both unknown. BANKSY is said to have started his career in New York or Bristol, UK in the 90’s. Bristol has been a leading trendsetter of music and art from the 70’s. It was then merged with the music scene commonly called “trip hop” in the 90’s and has fostered a unique underground culture. BANKSY’s existence as a graffiti writer was known from early on among many musicians and artists in Bristol, and he is said to be closely related to GOLDY and Massive Attack. Poverty, conflict, acceleration of capitalism, violence, discrimination, and other problems facing mankind were depicted on the streets as contemporary caricatures. In addition to his concise and realistic form of drawing, the epigrams and titles attached to the paintings are also factors that enhance BANKSY’s artistry. In a very short text, BANKSY’s works instantly thrust a sharp arrow into the hearts of people passing by the exhibition. He frequently showed his attitude of making fun of the art market, most notably his gimmick of having his own work shredded at Sotheby’s London in October 2021, when it was sold.