XY 02
Kaneko was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan in 1977. Graduated from the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art. In the beginning of Kaneko’s career, he mostly presented monochrome drawings. His somewhat black and satirical style involving stereotypes and memes from comics and illustrations have already appeared since then and is still carried on in his recent works. The artist describes this “Monster”, an expression of the warning bell ringing as people falls into the trap of being consumed by information and becoming uncontrollable in today’s society overflowing with information. However, and it should not be misunderstood, the monster of this information society is Kaneko himself. He accumulates various characters from the 80’s to present, casually creating an unidentifiable existence that is neither one nor the other. Kaneko’s most recent work is a layered structure of collages and cut panels. His depiction further covers the layered information. While these works tend to have a pattern that makes the impression of “likeness of XX”, the original is not revealed but rather smothered in smoke. Kaneko further develops the absoluteness of “original” that has been shaken by the artists of pop art, simulationism, and appropriation art. The “original” is maldistributed by the unidentified “likeness of XX”. It is like the unfounded rumors on the internet spread widely as if they were true.