Building in Fog
Born in Paris, France in 1959. Delhomme graduated from one of the most prestigious art institutions, the École Nationale Supérieure des arts Décoratifs in Paris, France in 1985. As a world-renowned illustrator, Delhomme has collaborated with well-known brands such as Barney’s New York and The Mark Hotel NYC and contributed to numerous magazines and ad campaigns. He started his career as an illustrator, but he also has a unique background. For years, Delhomme has been pursuing his practice as a painter, keeping it private until 2015 with an initial solo exhibition of his canvas works which he painted everyday scenes of desolate urban landscape just like new color photographs in ‘70s. Although more directly influenced by Edward Ruscha and Hockney, Delhomme’s characteristically light brushstrokes create a bleak landscape with a pleasingly soft light and atmosphere.Delhomme imagined the "digital life" of the artists: “If famous artists of the past had an Instagram account, what would they post?” and had a humorous collaboration “ARTISTS' INSTAGRAM” series with the Musée d'Orsay that attracted a great deal of attention.