Reyle was born in Tübingen, Germany in 1970 and graduated from Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, Germany in 1997. Since 2013, he has been producing his most remarkable series “Stripe Painting” (Streifenbilder), as well as the ongoing series “Foil Painting”. The Stripe works are composed of long and narrow stripes of tin foil paper and colored mirrors. While the artist’s typical style of geometrical abstract expression renders a sense of vivid, colorful, and pop-cultured impression, yet at the same time, they exhibit rustic aesthetic with industrial materials. On the other hand, Reyle squeezed a big piece of silver foil into a large drape sheet and tightly installed them in a colored acrylic case. The shimmery and glossy foil papers reflected inside the acrylic case renders a complex scene. Viewing from colored acrylic panels inevitably develops colorization. Such industrial materials and forced coloring aspects consciously make aware the viewers of its artificial nature. Reyle’s artworks emanate from Pop Art, Neo Geo movements, and Industrial Minimalism, which employs consumer society as motifs. The collaboration with Dior in 2011, titled “Anselm Reyle for Dior” has also gained attention in the fashion industry. He has held numerous exhibitions at museums and institutions around the world, including Aranya Art Center (Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China, 2020), Schinkel Pavillon (Berlin, Germany, 2020), Arken Museum (Ishøj, Denmark, 2011), Kunsthalle Zürich (2006), etc. Reyle’s works are also in the collections of prominent institutions such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), Fondation Louis Vuitton (Paris, France), Pinault Collection (Venice, Italy), The National Gallery of Berlin, Germany, Rubell Family Collection (Miami, US), The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea). The artist currently teaches as a professor of Painting/Drawing Department at the HFBK University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.