Born in Osaka, Japan in 1974, MADSAKI graduated and received a BFA degree from Parsons School of Design (NY) in 1996. After completing his academic art education, he temporarily dropped out of the art world to work as a messenger. Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, MADSAKI met and joined “Barnstormers”, a Dumbo district (NY) based street artists collective, and returned to art. After starting his solo career, the artist was discovered by Takashi Murakami and became a member of KaiKai KiKi. Raised in New Jersey since childhood, MADSAKI had experienced language, cultural and racial barriers. The feeling of alienation and confrontation towards the majority has a direct influence on his sarcastic style of painting. Whether it is a homage of scathing criticism or a tribute to pioneers of world-renowned artists, the use of politicians’ portraits or pop culture as themes of his sarcastic works, they all demonstrate serious criticism of the artist himself and the society surrounding him.