Untitled (Artist)
Born in Madrid, Spain in 1977. He obtained a BA in art history at the University of Oviedo in 2002. The artist’s paintings feature characters called "Animal Heroes" playing around noisily on the canvas. A unique sense of space is created in the paintings by mixing a rough style of scribbled letters reminiscent of Basquiat and a completely incompatible expression of clear depictions of the characters on the same screen. This creates a visual effect called “picture-in-picture” that makes the viewer feel as if the characters were scribbling on the wall right in front of them. The lively picture gives a sense of innocence to a child’s doodle while also expressing the cruelty and anxiety lying behind that. This bipolarity of pop art but with a potential dark shadow underneath has become a hallmark of the artist’s works. Boasting high popularity in the international art market, Plans also draws the world’s attention at making the headlines on auction records. His works are in the collections of Contemporary Art Museum La Habana (Cuba), Illuro Foundation in Barcelona (Spain), and the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias (Spain) etc.