Entablature V (Corlett 142)
Born in New York, United States in 1923, died in 1997. Lichtenstein started his studied at the Department of Art at Ohio State University in 1940 and received his master’s degree in 1949 after serving in the military. His early career as a graphic designer was similar to Warhol, though more surprisingly, his starting point as a painter was abstract painting as well. The first piece of his well-known work was an enlarged frame from a comic strip depicts Mickey Mouse (1961). Since then, he became highly acknowledged internationally as a standard-bearer of Pop Art for works such as popular symbols, his “Brushstroke” series, and works of masters like Picasso. By imitating printed matter, a strong sense of criticism appears when the painting-like elements such as the texture of paint or technique of brushstroke are ripped away. Meanwhile the reinvention of pop-art expressions, like performances of manga (comics) and television actors, are introduced to the field of painting. If Warhol is considered as the one to pioneer artistic expression of reproduction, Lichtenstein is the person who has easily averaged popular culture and artistic expression.